Developers: Enrich your app with the knowledge of the web using Microsoft’s new Bing Entity Search API



Microsoft today announced the availability of Bing Entity Search API. Bing Entity Search API is part of Microsoft Cognitive Services and it is now available for developers within the United States in free preview. Bing Entity Search API allows developers to enrich their app by infusing Bing’s knowledge search into existing content. Developers can send a search query to Bing to identify the most relevant entity based on their searched term, spanning multiple entity types such as famous people, places, movies, TV shows, video games, books, and even local businesses nearby.

For example, if you search for “Satya Nadella”, you get a single dominant entity corresponding to the Microsoft CEO. Likewise if you search for “Seattle Seahawks” you will get details about the American football team of Seattle Seahawks.

Developers can now try this API through a free trial subscription key. Interested developers can go to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Try Page and sign up for Bing Entity Search API.

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