Developer: Windows Phone is a better platform for Indie developers than iOS

Pocket Gamer has interviewed Kimi Sulopuisto, who’s Windows Phone game Starcrossed (above) is a Finalist for the Dare to be Digital contest, on his views on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Kimi noted that the Windows Phone Marketplace is still far less crowded than the App Store for iOS, where getting a foothold often requires a lot of expensive promotion. Recent research has shown nearly 2/3 of apps in the iOS app store has no downloads at all.

He refuted the idea that only Xbox Live games did well in marketplace, saying:

This is contrary to what I’ve witnessed. If you make a good mobile game, Windows Phone Marketplace gives you the best possibility to reach at least mediocre popularity.
On iOS or Android, even a tremendously enjoyable game has the possibility to be completely lost.
Naturally this means that on WP7 one might not reach as many potential customers as on the madly popular iOS or Android, but to me it looks like WP7 is a good place for new developers to start their career.
You don’t have to have an insane reputation or funds to back up that gem of an app.

Kimi ‘s game is a potential BAFTA nominee, and he and the rest of his team hopes ultimately to work permanently in the game industry.

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