Developer: Windows 10 has the most powerful opportunities for game developers

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According to Mariela Pavlova, bringing your game to the Windows ecosystem is one of the most powerful opportunities for game developers today. Pavlova works for Imperia Online, a company that develops a game with the same name. Originally launched in 2005, Imperia is a browser based strategy game that’s changed a lot over the past 10 (almost 11) years. Their latest change is bringing the game to Windows 10.

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Speaking to Alex Teodorescu-Badia for a post in the Windows Blog, Pavlova talks about some of the unique opportunities brought to the table by Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.

At first we were skeptical of the Windows ecosystem, but then we saw the lack of strategy titles in their games section, and we thought this new platform can expand the company’s market significantly.

After deciding to bring the game to the Windows Store, Imperia Online teamed up with Game Troopers to publish the game on the platform. They then used WinJS to port the game over to the platform, and Pavlova has some very positive words about Windows.

To be part of a new beginning like the Windows 10 platform is one of the most powerful opportunities for game developers today.

Windows 10 is a new beginning, one where there’s still plenty of room where developers can jump in and make a name for themselves. Pavlova and Imperia joined in because of the lack of strategy games, and the company’s benefited because of it. In the game’s original browser version there wasn’t really any way to notify players of things when they didn’t have their browser open. Live tiles change that, however.

Our experience on Windows shows that users benefit a lot from Live Tiles mainly because they are not disturbed by notifications. Instead, they see nice images for the local offers, coming attacks and finished missions in game. Retention rates are increased, as shown by more frequent logins and game sessions.

And there you have it – Imperia Online’s benefited from being brought to the Universal Windows Platform, having gained more players and managing to keep them coming back.

What do you think of this? As a developer, are you interested in bringing your game to UWP?

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