Developer Submission: Specs Analysis for Windows 10


24, 2016

spec analysis

If you are in the Windows Store looking for app for your Device Diagnostic, you will be glad to know that Specs Analysis is available for Windows 10 devices. The app has been under beta testing for a while now, and it’s finally available for you to download on your Windows 10 device. As it’s a UWP app, you will be able to download it on your Windows 10 PC, Mobile, and Tablet.

Change Log :

  • Updated UI/UX.
  • Totally Reinvented from Windows 8.1 App.
  • Detailed Info About Device.
  • Updated Sensor Diagnostics
  • Updated Display Diagnostics
  • Continuum Supported
  • Performance Improvements over Windows 8.1 App.

Will the app be free and/or have ads?
Our new app will be free with ads.

Specs Analysis (Beta)
Specs Analysis (Beta)
Developer: Aathif Mahir
Price: Free
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