Developer Submission: A special offer from Strategy Empire – two gambling apps for some reckless summer action!

Hi! We’re Strategy Empire — a mobile development company that strives to create challenging games for the entertainment of bright and inquisitive. For the first contribution we would like to offer two-for-one — a pull of apps with a nice tang of fast life and recklessness. If you find yourself longing for a good gamble or just have a taste for the casino aesthetic, this combo will certainly help to scratch your itch.

Now let’s see, which style tickles your fancy more? Maybe you want something simple and straightforward, a pure potshot to try your luck? Then make sure to have a go at American Slots! The app offers a virtual gambler the thrilling experience of playing a classic game of slot machines. You just push a button and hold you breath waiting for the reels to stop spinning. If the symbols on display arrange in a certain pattern — you win, if not… well, no big loss, try again! We’ve done our best to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino with its blinding lights, soft clicking of hidden mechanisms and rich, vivid colors everywhere so as to provide you with the whole package — except for the part where you actually risk your money!

But perhaps you’d like something more controlled and social? Something that calls for intellectual involvement and has the outcome not entirely determined by the laws of probability? In this case, Texas Saloon Poker might be right up your valley. The setup is entirely different in this game: you’ll find yourself sitting in a dim room at the trademark dark-green-felted poker table competing against five more players. Bets are made, cards are dealt and now you have to evalute your hand, calculate your chances and choose the right course of action. It’s your call whether to choose a reasonable, anlytical approach or throw all caution ot the winds and rely on blind luck!

American Slots and Texas Saloon Poker is a fitting set for those who enjoy games of chance but prefer to play safe. In keeping with the spirit of thriftness we’ve cultivated here, both games are available for free on Windows Store:

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