Developer Submission: Sort My Stuff ! snags an update


Sort My Stuff ! app just received an update which enables you to label all the Areas in which you divided your inventory with QR Codes. Once an Area is labeled you can quickly navigate to its Items by scanning the QR Code.

A quick recap about the app:

Sort My Stuff ! is the ultimate organizer APP available for all Windows Devices!
Create a visual inventory of your stuff, search and find everything in seconds!
You can categorize all your items selecting a Location and an Area for them: Location>Area>Items.

Perfect for:

  • Home Inventory
  • For Your Move
  • Small Business Inventory

Trial version never expires but some features are only available in the paid version.

Windows 10 store link

Sort My Stuff !
Sort My Stuff !
Developer: Nemo Labs
Price: Free
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