Developer Submission: Short.y link shortner receives major update

It’s been a month since I released the first version of Short.y which was received overwhelmingly positive. The app received a lot of reviews on the store page that showed people were actually liking it and using it. Short.y proved to be a great productivity app, specially with how it was designed from the beginning to give the user a seamless experience.
When the app was finally published to the store, the community provided great feedback which I used to further improve the app. This resulted in many features being and many improvements made.

Today, I am announcing a major update for Short.y. This update introduces new features and new improvements which will have a great positive effect on the users.

The first feature added is the ‘History’ section which the app uses to display a list of all the links the user has shortened using Short.y. From within this list you can copy the short links again or open the link in the browser. You can also clear the list of all the entries if you no longer need them. This feature was a popular demand by many users, I hope they like it.

Another feature I added is the ‘Lookup’ feature. This allows the user to find out what is hidden behind a short link. When the user pastes a short link in the lookup section, the app will find where this link points to, returning the original long URI. This is a great feature for those who might receive a short link and are suspicious of its contents. The lookup feature will protect your device from possible malware (not a problem on WP/W10M). Use the lookup feature when you can’t trust the source of the link. This feature works with most of the link Shorteners out there. I have tested it with links from,, tinyurl, and and found that my code works perfectly with them. If, however, you find a link that didn’t work with this feature, please let me know.

The third feature I added was the ability to use Short.y from within your favorite browser. One thing that I didn’t like about Short.y (yes, I know it is my app. No, it doesn’t mean I have to like everything about it. This is why Short.y keeps improving) was that I have to use MS Edge browser if I want to tap into the OS share feature which Short.y uses to quickly produce short links (one of the best things about Short.y). Not that there is anything wrong with MS Edge, I just don’t use it because it lacks extensions I like need. Since I use Firefox (now a minority in the land of browsers) I had to manually copy the link, find and open Short.y and then click the button to shorten it. Now with this update, you can add a bookmark to your favorite browser which opens Short.y for you and automatically puts the link of the current page in it. All you have to do then is to press ‘DO IT’ and you will get your link. To find out more about this, click here.

I also made some minor changes to the UI and fixed some bugs.

As always, I would like to thank the users for their continued support. I hope you are enjoying the app and will like the new update. Let me know what you think.

Developer: RafaelWare Team
Price: Free+

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