Developer Submission: QR Scanner+ now with native support for Windows 10 Mobile


QR Scanner+ is available for Windows 10 Desktop for a while now. And since a few days it also supports Windows 10 Mobile.

QR Scanner+ is an app for QR code and barcode scanning. It supports various QR code content formats like business cards, appointments, URL, Wi-Fi, phone numbers and more. But the big advantage is, that this content is processed very well and shown to you readable and therefore easy useable.

QR Scanner+ can be used with a camera for live scanning (Scanner) and by simply reading a image file (Reader). Important codes can be saved for later use (Catalog).

Besides the complete overhaul of the mobile version, here are the main changes and new features:

  • native Windows 10 Mobile support
  • Continuum for Phones
  • result feedback (sound, vibrate, visual)
  • Scanner HUD, shows current scanner configuration
  • redesigned crosshair
  • redesigned QR Scanner+ logo
  • new signature color “Atomic Yellow” (also available: “Rapid Red” and device accent color)
  • new details view with pivot (DETAILED / RAW)
  • [Desktop] Drag & Drop @ Reader (works with file explorer and browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, …)
  • a lot other changes, fixes and improvements (check full changelog inside QR Scanner+ for more information)



QR Scanner+ // QR Code and Barcode Reader
QR Scanner+ // QR Code and Barcode Reader

Do you like the double stepped app menu, or would you prefer a single one like in the desktop view? Let me know, feedback is always welcomed.