Developer Submission: Perfect Tools – A new product from Perfect Thumb

After three months of working with multiple applications, Perfect Thumb finally launched the product synthesis of essential tools for Windows Phone – the Perfect Tools. This application has a standard interface of Windows 10, each tool has full features as a separate application!

Major features:

  • Home: Battery, device, network info and some useful shortcuts.
  •  Land area calculator: Calculate the area for an arbitrarily shaped (closed polygon) area of land. Choose the points that define the area of land by placing stakes (push pins) in a map.
  • Compass: The most precise compass app that supports magnetic and true north calculated using network location or GPS coordinates. Furthermore this compass displays the location coordinates and the strength of the magnetic field to see if it interferes with the compass sensor.
  • Currencies exchanger: Convert more than 170 global currency exchange rates quickly and easily! You can convert multiple currencies at the same time, remove the base currency amount by pushing it off screen or restore it by dragging it back.
  • Dice: Shake the device, and dice are rolled ! For the lazy ones, a simple pressure on the screen will roll the dice too. Dice is extremely simple, everyone can play anywhere.
  • Flashlight: Smart way to switch the light. Allows communication using Morse code (send and receive light).
  • Heart rate: A simple heart rate counter, does not require any external hardware to run.
  • Level: An instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).
  • Lux meter: A simple light meter for measuring illuminances (lux) by using the light sensor of the device.
  • Protractor: The angle can be set by draging the pointer directly or by entering the angle on a keypad. It also includes camera mode.
  • QR code: The best QR code reader includes complete QR Code generator suite allowing you to generate and store in different purposes: URLs, Phone Numbers, Text, Geographic Locations, Email Addresses, Contact Records, SMS Templates, Calendar Events, and Wireless Networks.
  • Recorder: An audio recorder and player application with advance playback controls and amazing user interface.
  • Ruler: The most comfortable and easy to use ruler for your Windows Phone that measure length in cm or inches.
  • Sound meter: Turns your Phone into a professional sound meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level all around you.
  • Speedometer: A simple speedometer that tells you your current speed in mph or km/h.
  • Tile maker: Let you create your own tiles from any of your pictures or just blank tiles.
  •  Timekit: The perfect combination of Alarm + Timer + Stopwatch + World Clock in an unique simple clean interface!

Some screenshots:

Free download from Windows Store:

Perfect Tools
Perfect Tools
Developer: ‪Perfect Thumb‬
Price: Kostenlos+

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