Developer Submission: OneLocker password manager updated for W10 Redstone with backgroud sync, automatic backups, QR scanner and more


OneLocker, a feature-rich password manager available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, just got updated to support Windows 10 Redstone.

This new update adds a lot of new functionalities, with many user requested features.

The app now supports the backgroud database sync thanks to some new Redstone APIs, and as usual the whole process is customizable: it’s possible to choose the cloud provider to use, whether or not to sync over mobile data and more.

OneLocker now also includes a new Time Machine feature, that automaticaly creates local database backups (with the ability to set an interval between each backup) and a new QR codes scanner to easily create new fields.

The new update also adds other small additions, bug fixes and UI improvements.

There’s already another update in the works that will add the ability to move cards, folders and whole sections in the database.

OneLocker is available for $3.99 and ther’s a trial version available that has some limitations, listed in the Store description.

OneLocker Password Manager
OneLocker Password Manager
Developer: Sergio Pedri
Price: 4,99 €