Developer Submission: A new superhero-themed racing challenge from Teen Games


23, 2016

Teen Games is back with a regularly scheduled summer blockbuster release to make your vacation days a bit less lazy an twice as enjoyable!

What made Spiderman the superhero classic he is? Well, plenty of things, for sure — good storytelling, eye-catching costume, the whole concept of an teenage hero — but let’s be real: it just won’t be the same without the iconic scenes of Peter Parker swinging down the buildings as he flies through the maze of megalopolis. It almost feels silly to ask «Would you like to live this experience too?», but roll with us for the sake of the lead!

Spider Flight 3D is a simulator carefully crafted to take your breath away in a wild, breakneck chase round the city. The mechanics of the flight we all know by heart: you shoot out a string aiming upwards, let it stick to a solid surface, then swing forward using it as a fixation point. Time to dust off your basic physics course —there will be plenty of calculating in which direction you should shoot and how high or low aim in order to end up at a safe distance from walls and obstacles.

On the subject of obstacles. The city is brimming with life in the best traditions of superhero movies: on your way you’ll be met with explosions, flying vehicles and shady flyers-by. Since you’re still a beginner, your one and only objective will be avoiding the collision by adjusting your air route accordingly. The combination of fast-paced gameplay, challenging route and familiar setting makes the game a nice treat for any gamer who’s into action-y games.

Teen Games invites the users to get this package of action and superpowers on Windows Store for free:

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