Developer Submission: A new kind of mobile VR. And it starts on Windows.

About a year ago I had my first VR experience. It was not a great one though. I used a cheap smartphone inside a Google Cardboard headset. I could count the pixels and after just five minutes I felt nauseous. However the most irritating aspect was the tracking.

For those of you who don’t know, in mobile VR the game knows your head’s facing direction (important so as to turn the virtual camera) via the phone’s gyroscope.
However, gyroscopes can only detect rotations. So for example a gyroscope knows if you turned your head right. But make a step forward while keeping your head straight and the gyroscope registers no change! Although you make a step forward the game shows the same as before.

Hardcore PC gamers know that moving in 3D worlds is not only possible, but also very efficient, with the good old keyboard and mouse. So we had the obvious idea: Make a VR game that is controlled not by a gyroscope but by keyboard and mouse (Besides, and this is also important, MANY phones do not have a gyroscope anyway!, phones such as the Lumia 640 and 650).

So Adaplect was born.

It is a custom 3D graphics engine. It’s not based on Unity or Unreal. This means its graphics are nowhere near as polished and also the performance needs optimizations. But it has at least allowed us to test the keyboard interaction idea.

And it works…

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Find Adaplect for both PC and mobile in the Windows Store here.

Developer: Imperial Dynamics
Price: Free

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