Developer Submission: Nearly seven years after their introduction, Windows live tiles can update real-time!


Nearly seven years ago – in early 2010, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 and with it, live tiles. Live tiles were meant to provide the user with real-time information about the things they want without having to open the corresponding app. Live tiles were thus not just app launchers but provided notifications and status updates among other things. With the passage of time, these tiles made their way to the desktop and even on Xbox, HoloLens and Band. But one basic promised was left undelivered – real time updates.

Live tiles in Windows devices (except the system ones) typically refresh once in 15 minutes, an improvement over the previous 30 and 40 mins and in some cases via background tasks, it maybe possible to update them every minute. The result is that even the best functioning ‘time’ tile or ‘battery status’ tile does not actually show you real time information. Also, the user simply cannot set the tile refresh interval to a time of his wish. Kirik Tiles is here to change that!

The early beta version of Kirik Tiles is available to buy ($1.99) and the link for which can be found at the end of this article. A free trial is available with limited features. With Kirik Tiles you can do the following things:

1. Pin a time tile that shows your current time in hours, minutes and SECONDS. First third party application to do this.
2. Pin a battery status time that shows remaining battery percentage. This is the only third party app that can show updated battery percentage any time. (Full version only)
3. Display the remaining disk space in your SD card. Watch your SD card space increase or decrease as and when you perform file operations. No app including storage sense can do this at real time!
4. Display your main volume remaining space. The functioning is same as the one above. (Full version only)
5. Check your wifi status tile (real-time)
6. Check your cellular data connection strength (real-time)
7. SET THE REFRESH TIME FOR LIVE TILES (IN MINUTES, SECONDS AND EVEN MILLISECONDS! You can specify any interval from 10 milliseconds to one hour. (Full version only)

Please note that this application comes with some limitations.
1. ‘Kirik Tiles’ application must be running in the background. Killing the application stops live tile updates.
2. Only those tiles that are launched via this application can update real time.
3. Too many tiles running can impact your battery life.
4. The application is in early beta and the customization options are limited at this time due to SDK restrictions.

Kirik tiles will be updated with more features. Find the download links below.

Kirik Tiles
Kirik Tiles
Developer: w10mlob
Price: Free