Developer Submission: Mobile Doc Scanner is App of the Day on myAppFree! Only November 2! Hurry to get it for FREE!

md scanner free

Mobile Doc Scanner allows you to identify the text from any image.

This app will be indispensable helper both work and study. With Mobile Doc Scanner you can easily get the desired text from from brochures, pictures, pages of scanned magazines and books (supported formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp).
Moreover Mobile Doc Scanner is very easy to use.

Just select an image and scan the text. After saving, scanned text will be available in a .txt or .doc file.

All Features:

  • The ability to recognize text in images. Supported formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .bmp.
  • Saving the results after scanning in .txt & .docx.
  • Copy text.
  • Print function.
  • Camera, which allows to adjust the focus and other parameters.
  • Ability to add new languages to recognize the text.
  • Windows Hello. To protect your personal information (protection methods: PIN, access to fingerprint or iris scan).
  • Cortana. It provides a more convenient navigation through the application.
  • Windows Ink. It is available on the results page. Ink allows you to draw in the output file and share the resulting image.

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