Developer Submission: Mo’ Better Karaoke, MBK

The MBK app is not really a karaoke app nor is it entirely new to the windows store. Currently at build

The app just caters to the karaoke loving community by allowing users to create a personal karaoke catalogue that can be accessed from within the app.  The hidden beauty of this app is that it will find any and all cameras and microphones on whatever windows 8.1+ device that you happen to be using at the time. This allows users to create audio and video recordings from within the app & saves these recordings to your My Videos folder on your device.

The app was kind of Inspired by this YouTube video created by Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson. If you’ve seen the video, then you know how funny it is. Honestly it was so popular that they made a part 2 to this video. Come to find out, these two guys have racked up well over 30 million views of these two YouTube videos & the first time I had seen it was on Facebook!

Anyway, these videos reminded me of how I used to sing songs and change the lyrics because I didn’t know them. I actually made a hobby out of rewriting songs to make the lyrics funny to me, it was fun, to me. So when I started to learn how to make windows phone apps in 2011 the 1st thing that I wanted to build was this app. So that everyone who wanted to could make music videos like Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson.

The Mo’ Better Karaoke Music & Video Recording Studio app is the result of that effort. Most people see the name and think that this is some glorified karaoke app, but actually it does a whole lot more than karaoke.


The app has a clean, easy to understand UI, With camera & microphone controls in the upper left corner. The music player with controls are located directly above the shine karaoke web browser. This browser is used to display your lyrics and the lyric library that you create. There are also links to the website where users can create the lyric library on a full screen, just copy and paste from your favorite lyrics website.


The app uses  Groove Music App for your music purchases, users can usually find just about any karaoke music they want to use for their karaoke’s. Individual songs cost between $.99 up to $1.29 and many of the karaoke albums boast between 20 – 100 pieces of music for only $9.99. or you can just get a Groove Music Pass and download music till your hearts content.



In the Lyric Library web site. Users can post karaoke lyrics for free until February 1st 2015. These lyric can be accessed by the app for free also.

The music player above the browser will play any music that you have saved on your device or in your OneDrive. Just click the “Find My Karaoke Music” button.

There are detailed instructions included with the app, and we included a number of how to videos with the app too. Along with links to lyric websites to make it easy for you to find the lyrics you need.

On tablets, the app works in landscape or portrait orientation, so that on small tablets on handed operation is a breeze.


Put it all together and you have one hell-of-a on demand music and video recording studio.

This app is available on windows 8.1 currently and should work on windows 10 devices with 16:9 resolutions. Our mobile version is in active development and a Windows 10 UAP app should be ready in the first quarter of 2016.

Mo’ Better Karaoke Music & Video Recording Studio is a free app in the Windows Store. Get the free version here.

Mo’ Better Karaoke Music & Video Recording Studio (Ad Free) version has no advertisements and also comes with links to A.D.Sharp Apps OneDrive where well over 100  pieces of karaoke music is shared with paying users of this app. you can download it for $1.99 in the Windows Store. Click here to get the paid version.

Mo' Better Karaoke (Ad Free)
Mo' Better Karaoke (Ad Free)
Developer: A.D.Sharp Apps
Price: 0,99 €+

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