Developer Submission: M Player – meet a nice and unique music player for Windows Phone

If you’re looking for third-party music player then M Player maybe what you’re looking for. M Player is music player with everything what you need.

Many times in my life I was facing a problem in Windows store. One of the most recent problem was that music players sorted all my music some kind in wrong way. I don’t care who is artist, what’s name of the album I just want have my music in my folders. Why would I create many new playlists when I already did that in my computer?

M Player will give you this freedom. Only one thing you need to do is put all your music under your music folder in your phone or SD card. After you’ll first run M Player app will scan your music library and then you can listen all your music just like you want.

Many developers are focusing on one feature and forget on the rest of functionality but here you can do what ever you’re used to. You can create new playlists in easy way, you can sort all your music by albums, artists and playlists just like you were used to.

In M Player you can set your current color theme by your current mood. And what I want for exchange? Just enjoy my app and if you will find a bug let me now via app instead of bad review in windows store. App is in windows store for free in trial and trial never expire. If you’ll like it you can buy full license and support my work.

If you’re still not sure if you want to try M Player then visit presentation website and see more from M Player.

M Player
M Player
Developer: Ján Janušek
Price: 1,99 €