Developer Submission: loyalT Rewards – Track all your rewards programs, designed exclusively for Windows 10


17, 2015

Whether you are a road warrior or the occasional traveler, loyalT Rewards will help you track all of your rewards programs. Designed and optimized for Windows 10, loyalT will keep all of your information in sync across all of your Windows devices. Seamlessly designed for its simplicity, get access to your data when you need, wherever you need it. Ad-free and always guaranteed to stay at no-charge, there is no reason not to download.

Features include:

  • Sync your data across all of your Windows 10 devices, store once, access anywhere
  • Pin secondary tiles to your start screen to quickly get access to your data without having to open the application
  • Search and categorization built in to help you quickly find what you need
  • Things to hide? No problem, password protection built right into the application
  • Cortana support coming soon! Hey Cortana, what’s my Marriot rewards number?
  • Did we mention its free. No ads. No in app purchases. All functionality, all the time. No exceptions.

Download now from the Windows Store



loyalT Rewards
loyalT Rewards
Price: Free
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