Developer Submission: Keep track of your personal finance on Windows Phone

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FIXmyBudget is a new, free app for keeping track of your personal finance. It makes it possible to collect detailed information about your incomes and expenses, allowing you to thoroughly plan your monthly budget and continuously ensure that you adhere to it.

All incomes and expenses (transactions) can be assigned to individual categories or subcategories. An important advantage of the app is the ability for the user to modify categories and subcategories, adjusting them to their individual needs. This way, you can make your budget very detailed or more general.

FIXmyBudget also features the ability to assign transactions to different payment recipients, allowing the user to verify and compare the amount of money spent in each store. Moreover, if the user has multiple bank accounts (e.g. personal and joint or several personal ones), transactions can be assigned to individual accounts.

The app supports regular transactions: recurring incomes and expenses that occur at fixed intervals (daily, once per week, once per month), such as rent or salary payments. Thanks to this feature, part of the budget is generated automatically. The most important information, such as the date of the next transaction or the current use of the budget, can be viewed on a tile pinned to the start screen.

The feature that makes FIXmyBudget stand out is receipt scanning. Although the process is not fully automatic, it makes entering expenses significantly faster. The app detects expenses on photographs of receipts and prompts the user to assign them to a category. The price is extracted from the photo; if the process is unsuccessful, it can be entered manually.

The scanning feature may not function correctly if the quality of the photo or the physical condition of the receipt is poor. In such an event, expenses can be added by tapping them. As items are added, the app will automatically cross out the expenses that have already been entered and scroll the photo so that the next amount is in the same spot on the screen as the previous one. This makes the process of entering expenses easier.

People who often forget to keep track of their finance or have difficulty doing so systematically can benefit from using the “budgeting hour” feature. All you have to do is pick a convenient time of the day to enter your transactions – the app will remind you when the time comes. You can keep track of how diligently you use FIXmyBudget thanks to a feature that automatically records the time you spend in the app each month.

The use of apps of this type involves gathering large amounts of data. In order to prevent them from being lost (e.g. when changing your device), you can connect to OneDrive using your Microsoft account and store a backup copy there. Thanks to this feature, the results of many months of your work can be systematically saved and protected from being lost.

All of the information collected in the app can be easily retrieved. The clean, transparent interface with colorful icons and graphs makes FIXmyBudget a pleasure to use.

The app is available on Windows Phone and Windows Mobile.

Developer: Tomasz Malesza
Price: Free

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