Developer Submission: Get ad-free version of addUp for free. Windows 10 version in the works.



Author Molvil // in News

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addUp is a highly rated, special version of 2048, only available for Windows mobile phones. Currently scoring a 4.5 in average rating world wide.  For a limited period of time you can now get the ad-remove IAP for no cost at all. That’s right! $0 ! Just purchase the Ad-Remove IAP from within the game for $0 and the full version will be yours to keep forever. That includes future upgrades and new versions also.

The extra style pack is also free of charge.

Hurry up and make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Meanwhile, a Windows 10 version is in development that will explore more ways to make the game of 2048 even more addicting and engaging, while still keeping it simple and easy to play. We have received a ton of great feedback and suggestions for making the game better, and for improvements of the user interface and graphics that will be awesome to implement in the new version.

Download addUp from the Windows Store to day!

As always, feedback and suggestions to is highly welcome!

Developer: Molvil
Price: Free
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