Developer Submission: Our finances – Manage your income and expenses

Our finances (Beta)

 What is our finances?
It’s a simple app I initially started developing for myself but then decided to publish it in the store. It allows you to manage income and expense for multiple accounts in one application on any Windows 10 device.

How does it work?
It’s pretty straight forward. You just add an account, some categories and then you can immediately start adding your income and expenses to the application. As the application is currently in beta the evaluation isn’t quite finished yet, but over the next few months multiple graphs will be added in order to make it easier to determine what you spend most money for.

What about my data?
Nobody wants everyone to know about his financial situation, this is why the data of the application is stored on your device and never transferred to any server. There is one exception: In order to make backups easier our finances allows Microsoft to include the data in online backups that can be restored after a reset, but if you don’t like that idea you can opt out of this in the system settings.

Can I transfer my data from one device to another?
Unfortunately this isn’t possible yet, but an import/export section will be added to the application in the future.

Are you interested in using or testing the application? Then download it now for free from the Microsoft Store where it is available in English, French (Nos finances) and German (Unsere Finanzen). If you find a bug or miss a feature then simply use the contact form provided in the application to contact me and I will do my best to react as soon as possible.

Get the application from here:

Unsere Finanzen
Unsere Finanzen
Developer: NielsNet
Price: Free

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