Developer Submission: Diabetes Analyzer Updated with Major Upgrades

Diabetes Analyzer App
Diabetes Analyzer is one of the first app on Windows 10 to help you manage and track your blood glucose level.Thus, one can manage their blood glucose level on both Mobile as well as PC & Tablet.Gone are the  days when you would have to sit and write down your glucose levels and calculate your average. Now just store your glucose levels and store in the app.It has now been updated to version and has the following changes :

  • Completely Revamped the History Page Design
  • Now Export your Stored Data to Csv File.Exporting to Csv is an In App Purchase and can be bought from History Page By Clicking Export To Csv Button.

More updates are planned in the future along with option to export the data to Pdf files along with option to edit the stored data.

Also if you have any specific new request just comment below or mail me and I shall try to bring it as soon as possible.

The application can be downloaded here : Link

Diabetes Analyzer
Diabetes Analyzer
Developer: Bhavya Shah
Price: Free