Developer Submission: Crowdspell – An amazing wordgame powered by you


Crowdspell is a word game that takes the traditional hangman game and gives it a unique spin. The common hangman games run on a dictionary that is provided by the developer, Crowdspell on the other hand is powered by you and its community.

Users can create their own word sets and then other users can play on those sets. This means, that there can be any type of sets imaginable. Here are a few examples of sets that highlight the spirit of Crowdspell –

  1. I not before E – Is it Heist or is it Hiest? This amazing set by our user will make you think again about your language skills.
  2. Olympic Host Cities – Stockholm, Munich, Sydney are among the many cities that have hosted the famous olympic games. Find out more in this set.
  3. Harry Potter Dark Wizards – Did you know, Dumbledore’s childhood friend was a dark wizard and could very well be called You-Know-Who’s predecessor?
  4. Game of Thrones: Noble Houses – This set tests your Game of Thrones GK.

We also have soccer, movies, computer science, noble prize winners among others.

If you don’t find something you were interested in, you can create your own wordsets and share you knowledge with others in a fun way.

The game also has a leaderboard, where you can see where you stand in comparison to others.

[gallerify title=”Crowdspell screen shots”]

Home screen   Game Screen 1  Game Screen 2


Crowdspell is free to play. Please give it a shot and share your feedback.
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Developer: Applied Simplicity
Price: Free
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