Developer Submission: CrazyBalloon UWP Game for Band and Hololens Summer Sale – Developer Diary – and Customizable Version for GameRooms

CrazyBalloon (MS Hololens and MS Band edition) is a causal game for Windows 10 Platform!

It includes also a Microsoft Hololens game mode! Aim balloon using Gaze gesture in Hololens and explode it with AirTap gesture!!!! Very funny!!

A lot of Hololens users wrote fantastic review and help us to improve usability and game mode.

Available on Microsoft Store App and also in Microsoft Hololens store App!

From now CrazyBalloon game is available at a SPECIAL PRICE 0,99 USD / EUR in Windows Store

Developer: Fabio Merlo
Price: Free

Developer Diary

For the future we have a lot of surprises! Xbox One controller mode and Kinect mode will be available in holiday season.

UWP platform  it is an important resource that Microsoft give to indie developers.

Nowadays platform it is very stable and Microsoft push a lot of features inside it .

In Second quarter of 2016 Microsoft will release Kinect support for UWP Game and App. CrazyBalloon will take advantage of this new integration .

Prototype version it is on the way. CrazyBalloon with Xbox controller and Kinect support will become very funny also for Children Entertainment (for school, public gameroom).

CrazyBalloon it is a game flexible and customizable. If you want more info about customization or special version for public use and / or professional and commercial use please contact me at .

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