Developer Submission: CodeHub – A Free & Open Source GitHub Client for Windows

CodeHub is a free and open source UWP GitHub client. It helps you keep up with the open source world with features like:

  • Trending repositories
  • News Feed
  • Star, Watch and Fork repositories
  • Follow users
  • View code files with syntax highlighting (choose from 9 different styles)
  • Search for repositories, users, code and issues
  • Browse repositories, view code, issues and comments

I noticed that Windows store didn’t have a good GitHub client and I started working on CodeHub.

After CodeHub started receiving good response, I decided to open source it. It is only fitting for CodeHub to be open source as it is a GitHub client and GitHub embodies the spirit of open source.


You can find Codehub in the store below.

CodeHub - A Client for Github
CodeHub - A Client for Github