Developer Submission: Caledos Runner V3.6 sports live tracking and SmartRun integration


14, 2015


Starting from today, is available Caledos Runner V3.6 on the Windows Mobile Store. In this version it provides live tracking and direct integration with SmashRun.


Caledos Live lets you track someone’s movements on the web in real time. This is ideal for long runs, marathons, cycles, races etc. and a wonderful way for others to keep an eye on you without having to actually be there running next to you. To get it set up, all you need to do is go to your Facebook or Twitter settings and turn the “live” button to ON (Caledos > settings > share > Facebook || Twitter). Anyone viewing your Facebook/twitter walls, will be alerted when you start your activity, and you can also email your public profile link to anyone you like to let them know. Your public live page can be found at (Caledos > settings > audio cue > encouragements). Anyone can access to your live page, can also write you a message, that you can ear during your activity!



SmashRun is an analytical platform for runners. It helps uncover interesting correlations between training habits and performance over time and it’s super easy to use! SmashRun combines basic run metrics alongside advanced charts and graphs to provide both a “big picture” snapshot and “by run” specific analysis of a runner’s entire running history. We also use badges as milestones for running achievements and rank users against their chosen peers (

(*) Live tracking available for premium members only. You can enable a 1-time FREE 30 days premium subscription from the app (Caledos > premium > try premium).

Caledos Runner provides the athlete a unique, fast and fluid experience. It allows to track activities, to measure calories burned and the distance covered over time, on a big, bold and easy to read interface, usable even while you’re running or biking.
A “Fitness Dashboard” is integrated in the app and allows to analyze and monitor activities through summary data and graphs. Recorded activities can be stored on our Caledos Cloud, Runkeeper, SmashRun and Sensoria (Bluetooth HR monitor, SensorCore and Sensoria Smart Socks also supported).

Caledos Runner is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store.

Caledos Runner
Caledos Runner
Developer: Caledos LAB
Price: Free
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