Developer Submission: BeFriend, the open-sourced, distress signal sending application launches on Windows Store


BeFriend is an open-source, distress signal sending application which has the ability to notify your friends and family about your location anytime you are in danger using SMS and twitter.

Some of the features are:

  • Gets location precisely upto 10 decimal points using Cellular and GPS both
  • Sends sms and post tweets silently in interval of 5 minutes
  • Can be launched from notification center or previously set reminders. No need to open the app
  • Works with Mobile, Desktop and HoloLens!
  • Completely Open-Sourced and Non-profit
  • Can place a notification permanently in Action Center which launches SOS on one tap

You can contribute to the app here.

Download the app now using MS Store link or below.

Developer: Prajjwal
Price: Free