Developer Submission: Bank Account Manager budget app now avaiable as a Universal App !


BAM Universal is the W10 version of famous budget app “Bank Account Manager” used by many WP users to manage their personal finances.

BAM Universal was in beta since December and with the help of BETA testers, I was able to complete this release version before June.

BAM is a complete and powerful budget application to manage in pivot views all your registered bank accounts, entering very quickly your expenses or incomes, checking your pending transactions, view immediately all your recurrent upcoming transactions, calculate you current or estimated balances at any date , apply any type of filters on your operations, estimate your budgets (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc..) , import OFX or QIF file from your bank website, export your data to .CSV files, QIF, HTML, CSV, display customized graphics, create multiple profiles, etc….

BAM Universal incorporates all the functions that have made the success of BAM for Windows Phone and was completely redesigned to provide a great experience on all Windows 10 devices including mobiles of course. Like BAM for WP, BAM Universal continues to provide lot of customization capabilities and the possibility to create quickly any kind of powerful transactions filters.

You will be amazed how BAM Universal is fast on mobiles and adapt automatically its UI to the any device resolution !
As before, I’m motivated to improve continuously BAM Universal so feel free to use the About page of the app to quickly share your experience and summit your suggestions.

See some mobile screen shots of the app below:




Find BAM Universal in the Windows Store here.

BAM Universal
BAM Universal
Developer: JPAUC
Price: Free
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