Developer Submission: Announcing Short.y, The best URL Shortener in the store

Hello everyone. Today, I am announcing Short.y, my newest app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

What is Short.y? Short.y is a  URL Shortening app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It is a UWP app built for those who hate sharing long links and want to quickly and easily get a short version of the link they are sharing. This proves extra helpful when sharing these links as it makes them easier to handle.

Short.y is a client app for URL shortening service and is built with simplicity and speed in mind and this is exactly what it delivers. The app is fast and simple, all you have to do is open the app, paste your link and hit the “GO” button, in a second you will have your short link and a QRCode will also be generated.

But this is not all. Short.y, while simple and easy, packs a lot of other features that simply makes it the best in the store. The app will leave an interactive notification in the action center which allows you to paste a link and shorten it without opening the app. Within a second or two, another notification will popup with the short link and a QRCode in it. From that notification you can copy the link or scan the QRCode. The app will ensure the input notification remains in the action center even if you clear it (An option you can of course turn off).

Short.y also provides you with a way to customize the short link, I generated this link for my site ( which takes you to my blog, and lets you enable statistics for the short link so you can monitor the clicks and visits it gets. These options are hidden nicely behind a “More Options” button.

The app also monitors the clipboard which means it will automatically paste the link you previously copied in the input box when the app is launched or brought to the foreground, this is so it reduces the steps you need to do to get the short link.

But I didn’t stop there. My vision for the app was to make it fit in your workflow without altering it and without requiring you to perform extra steps/clicks just to do a simple task. This is why the Short.y is a share target meaning that from any app you are using, you can share a piece of text or a link to Short.y and it will immediately generate the short link and copy it to the clipboard before closing itself and taking you back to the app you were using.

Short.y is also smart in that it can extract links from any text shared to it and then lets you pick which link to process.

The app also supports a Mini-UI which is only available on a PC. This UI alters the look of the app to further simplify it and make its window as small as possible so it won’t take significant space on your desktop if decided to keep it running while continuing your work.

The app was released a couple of days ago, but the really helpful feedback from the community over at reddit, helped me release updates that dramatically improved the app and made it what it is now: The best in the category of URL Shorteners.

It is available for everyone free of charge with no ads, no In App Purchases or anything of that sort. So download it and let me know what you think.


Developer: RafaelWare Team
Price: Free+

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