Developer Submission: AAA Medical for Windows Phone – Connecting the 4.6bn Unconnected

AAA Medical is a free, ‘Occasionally connected’ electronic health record and workflow app that works in the connected world but also for the 4.6bn people who live in the unconnected world. It works when you have a connection but more importantly it works when your don’t.

Beta testers needed – This is a fully featured beta and we would appreciate your help in testing. If you know any medics you could persuade to give it a try that would be a great help. click below to get the app.

Our website

AAA Medical is a free, full featured electronic health record and group workflow app that works and lets you collaborate with colleagues when you have a connection but keeps on working when you don’t have a connection. Users can record their health data or have a medical professional do this for them in off-grid locations and this data is then shared as and when group members ‘sync’. Full descriptions, GPS coordinates, floorplans and telephone numbers for the largest 100 UK hospitals are built in – Create your hospital with a few taps and go to work.

Other features Include

  • Consult with anyone anywhere on the planet  (up to 30 members in a group)
  • Largest 100 UK NHS hospitals built in – Ward Numbers, contacts and GPS
  • Works Off line – Once it’s set up – No internet required
  • Use your own stationary and forms
  • Dynamic workflow – mimic the exact processes and terminology you use now
  • Track faults and infections
  • ICD10 lookups even when off-line
  • Built in Panic alarm
  • Add patient notes as pdf, word, audio video or images
  • Full Microsoft, Google and Apple calendar integration
  • Cloud based in MS-Azure HIPAA data centres
  • AAA is Secure – Even group chat is AES encrypted
  • Securely email AES encrypted patient data
  • Create Domiciliary systems
  • It’s Free !

AAA runs on a £30 smartphone – So what ? If everyone (or their employer) had £600 or more of spare cash to spend on a smartphone that’s what we would have written AAA for. Of the 4.6bn people who don’t have regular access to a web connection, many of them live on less than $10 a day. For these people or the medics who care for them £30 is too much and we aim to subsidise that cost if we can.

AAA allows medics in those countries to collect data in parts of the planet the web has not reached. Advice and treatments can then be made from one phone and that data taken back to the people who need it Anyplace – Anywhere – Anytime.

That’s What !

See our Mission statement.

3 Fully independent profiles on the phone at a time – You may have up to 10 Profiles

Display a timeline for any patient – Tap any event and drill down


Record patient vitals when you are offline.


The system uses a dynamic workflow – Create your own actions that mimic your current way of working and then assign the tasks to members in your team.


Everyone in the group then gets to see all their outstanding tasks or a group wide picture.

The event log has a large selection of filters i.e. All outstanding jobs for me, in any ward, by distance, by medic, by triage, most overdue. Tap an event to respond


Add patient notes in a wide range of formats – These are uploaded to the cloud when you connect and then available to any member of your group.

The app is not searchable in the windows store and only available by clicking the ‘get it from Microsoft’ button at the top of this article or our website at

Please let us know what you think and how we can make it better.