Developer Submission: ‘5 Differences’ game picked another update



A simple classic game to find the 5 differences in the two near identical images in 60 seconds time. For every wrong tap, 5 seconds will be reduced from remaining time.

All the images are grouped based on complexity and type.

It’s free game with in-app purchases. After initial download, you will get 2 episodes (each episode has 20 images) of images for play. If you like the game and wanted more difficult images to play, in-app products are available to cater this.

UI is very simple, elegant and easy for eyes. And all images are suitable for all age groups.

See screenshots of the game below:

[gallerify title=”5 Differences”]


The game has been updated today with few important bug fixes.

It can be downloaded here:

5 Differences
5 Differences
Price: Free
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