Developer near doubles revenue by releasing both free and paid version of WP7 app


blog2Making money on Windows Phone 7 is of course a very serious topic for developers, and luckily enough there are some in the community who are willing to share the results of their experimentation.

Sebastian Holst has been experimenting pretty much in the open on monetizing his yoga app, A Pose For That, and his latest venture was releasing a slightly limited free version of the app, Yoga-pedia, with the opportunity to upgrade to the full version.

How this differed from his full app which of course came with a free trial was that the free app would be listed in the much more trafficked Free section in Marketplace, thereby potentially having many more downloads and more opportunities for users to upgrade to the full version.

He reports that the experiment was a great success, with sales of the for-pay version increasing 85%.

Of course while this strategy worked well for him, if most developers implemented it it would essentially result in Marketplace being littered with free Lite versions of apps and then full paid versions, similar to what is present on iOS and Android. The solution is however not clear, but the situation could be somewhat improved if Microsoft gave more prominence to apps with free trials.

Read more detail at Sebastian’s blog here.

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