Developer looking for rich Windows Phone 7 users with a 4+ zone Sonos system

Screen_Capture_(26)David from the Versagroup have ported their Windows Mobile 6.5 Sonos app to Windows Phone 7, and need beta testers before releasing the app to marketplace.

In our forums he writes:

Some of you may remember my first Sonos controller for a windows phone, VersaZones, developed for the WinMobile 6.5 environment.

I have completed extensive testing of a new Windows Phone 7.5 App that will control Sonos music systems. My testing has been in a two zone system and I am looking for people with 4 to 6 zones (or more) to do some beta testing for me. You will need a Windows Phone – of course – and if it is unlocked that would be great. If not then I will need and email address to add you to the official beta testing program for the Marketplace.

I plan to release to the Marketplace soon so it would be great if you could test relatively quickly.
You can view some screen shots of SonPhon here or by visiting the site and looking at the blog entries.

If you do happen to have 4 to 6 Sonos Zones lying around, volunteer your system in the forum thread here.