Developer Killed the Marketplace

marketplace2The reason marketplaces like the iPhone App Store and the Android Market are so successful is the wealth of applications available at the sub $5 price point. We’re all happy to go and buy something that costs less than a cup of coffee, but when programs  cost more than $20 or sometimes even $30, it’s a little extreme. Sure, there are some things I’d pay $30 for, but not that many, and only after I’ve tried the demo version.

This is hardly MS fault, but the developers fault. Most of the applications on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile are things previously developed for release elsewhere and then submitted at the same price they have been for years. There are very few new applications developed and released on Marketplace and no-where else. Things would improve if it were possible to have a “trial” version of software as part of the same submission, which would no-doubt save MS time with testing, and developers wouldn’t have to send in multiple submissions.

One of the hurdles may be the $99 registration cost (which should be free for DreamSpark when MS wake up), but that’s a similar price to other platforms, and an application at $1-2 should sell more than 100 times, so what’s there to lose? What we need is developers that are willing to perhaps make slightly less per sale, but get more sales instead, and encourage lower prices!

All this may well (and hopefully will) change over time, it is only a month old after all!

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