Deveci Games publishes a trailer for their new WP7 exclusive game

Deveci Games who has published several top free games in WP7 marketplace is preparing to publish a new WP7 exclusive game this month.

They posted a short trailer of their upcoming game. Its gameplay looks likebut featuring some special weapons like a Flamethrower and a Rocket-thrower. We can also realize from the trailer that the levels are not static anymore like in Last Commando but there is a camera that follows your character as you move.

Beside all, the game is all about Zombies!

They mentioned that the game will consist of a Survival Mode where you will try to survive some number of zombie attack waves and a Mission Mode where you will be given missions to accomplish.

The game features level system, achievements ( not XBOX Live), more than 30 weapons and much more …

Look out for more news as the game nears Marketplace.