Dev Stats for Windows Phone check your developer accounts any time

Distimo is a popular site where the developers can track their accounts not only from Windows Phone store but also from Apple Store, Android and a lot more, and dev stats for windows phone allows you check all this stats on your device

dev stats have 4 main  sections:

  • Main page, that shows your total downloads, your total revenues on all stores and your averange ranking on the stores
  • apps page, here, you can check all your apps from all the stores avaiables
  • downloads page, here you can see your monthly and semanal deownloads
  • reviews page, check yout lastest reviews and the rating

QRCodeAnd also have more pages with different content:

  • App info that covers specific info about the app, suchk downloads, reviews, revenues and details.

Dev stats is a great choice for your Windows Phone. dev stats is currently running $0.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Note: You will need a distimo account (free) to use this App.