Details of Fable III: Kingmaker released, will be cross platform

Fable III: Kingmaker will be cross-platformMicrosoft has released some more information about their Fable III mobile ad-on game, Fable III: Kingmaker.

The geo-location mobile game will allow players to claim land for either the Royalist or Rebels by simply checking in – if enough people in an area support one or the other that area will be claimed for that faction, and the participants will earn “gold” which can be used in the full Xbox Fable III game.

The “Gold” can be spent on player customisation and in-game products.

There is an additional geo-caching element, with the opportunity to claim chests full of additional in-game “Gold” from designated locations scattered across the map.

The game will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden. More interesting however is that the software will also be available on Symbian, Android and the iPhone, even before the release of Windows Phone 7, were it will be available after launch.

While we can appreciate needing a critical mass of users to make a feature worthwhile, as a first-party game it is worrying that Microsoft did not keep this feature exclusive for their Windows Phone 7 users, and it does also make one wonder about other future Xbox 360/Windows Phone 7 cross-over games, and whether Microsoft will work at keeping these exclusive (and provide Windows Phone and Windows phone users with a competitive advantage) or in the name of fairness and addressable market share make the features available to all smartphone users.  It could also indicate the Windows Phone 7 platform does not have the full support of Microsoft’s other divisions.

Do our readers share our concern, or do you believe Microsoft should not restrict Xbox 360 features to only Windows Phone users. Let us know below.

See the full press release at Gamasutra here.