More detail on Amazon’s Alexa for PCs app leaks

Recently we reported that about the delay in bringing Amazon’s to voice assistant Alexa to Cortana. Now it looks like both Microsoft and Amazon are finally ready to reveal the integration between two voice assistance. Now, trusted reporter Mary Jo Foley stumbled upon what looks an official sign up page to be the first to try out the service.

According to the details on the page, Alexa will be available on laptops from Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo and will be initially available only for US users. The signup page also compares Alexa on PC with the Amazon Echo devices already available in the market. Although, Amazon has listed out a limitation which might be a bad news for Music lovers. As of now, Alexa on PC won’t be able to use Spotify, Pandora or TuneIn Radio. Apart from this, free voice calls to the US, Mexico and Canada won’t be available either.

The good news though is, Alexa won’t need any additional mics or other hardware to work which makes us wonder the fact that Alexa might eventually make its way to all the laptops. Also, you won’t need any Echo device to make it work so don’t run to Amazon and buy an Echo device right now. For those who are interesting in trying out the beta can head to the Signup page here and enter their email ID.


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