Detached for Windows Phone


15, 2014

Detached is a brand new application for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to automatically remove the background from pictures taken within the app, and replace the background with anything you want. You can apply filters independently on the foreground and background to create great effects.

Detached is powered by ViBE. This patent protected technology enables background removal with minimal user interaction.

Here’s a quick overview of the functionality:

  • Automated background extraction using ViBE (
  • Timed ‘snapshots’ that keep your hands free for capturing that unique moment.
  • Replace your background with one of the provided backgrounds, or choose one from your own media library or Facebook.
  • Apply a wide range of filters on the back- and foreground separately, enabling great visual effects. Foreground filters include special ‘edge filters’ to add that extra touch.
  • Save your creation locally on your phone, or share it on Facebook.
  • Step-by-step tutorial and manual to quickly get the best out of detached.
  • Freemium. Base functionality is free, and unlimited in use.


You can find Detached on the windows phone store. Enjoy.

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