Destiny 2: The Witch Queen officially announced


25, 2021

Destiny 2’s next expansion The Witch Queen, has been officially announced after a leak before the reveal event spoiled most of the details.

As was revealed via the PlayStation Store leak beforehand, the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion is due to launch on twosday, which is, of course, February the 22nd 2022. 

While the new swanky reveal trailer for the expansion didn’t go into detail about the new weapon or mechanics that’ll be on offer throughout this latest expansion, it did give us a taste of the story, showing that The Witch Queen Savathûn has managed to harness the “light” for herself and her legions of Hive. 

Bungie has also announced that there’s going to be a 30th-anniversary event within Destiny 2 this December, which will feature a new dungeon, as well as the return of a series favourite weapon, the Gjallarhorn.

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Pre-orders for the new Destiny 2 expansion are available now if you want to snag yourself some extra in-game loot once the games fourth expansion launches. Depending on which edition of the game you go for you can get exotic ghost shells, emotes, emblems, and weapons. There’s even a very expensive collector’s edition that features one of the new Hive Ghosts.

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