Bungie has officially revealed Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the next major expansion for their MMOFPS. 

Revealed during a livestream detailing the future of Destiny, this upcoming expansion will kickstart a new trio of expansion content that will run all the way up until 2022.

“[Destiny 2: Beyond Light] kicks off a new era in Destiny where players will discover the true nature of the light and the dark, not just walking the thin line between, but wielding the darkness itself as a weapon with Stasis,”explained Destiny 2 GM, Mark Noseworthy.“This is a big deal, it’s a big deal to add this to the universe, and it changes everything.”

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will introduce a new power, Stasis, the first new element introduced into the shooter franchise since the original game’s launch way back in 2014.

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“Stasis, this new power, isn’t just going to be Guardians supers and abilities, it’s a brand new damage type, so that means it’s going to ultimately sit alongside Solar, Arc and Void as the first new element we’re introduced to the game since the original Destiny release way back in 2014,” revealed Luke Smith, the director for Destiny 2.

Beyond Light will release on September 22nd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. With next-gen consoles on the horizon with Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, Bungie will also be releasing next-gen versions of the game with enhancements that are detailed here.

After this expansion, fans can look forward to The Witch Queen sometime in 2021 and finally Lightfall in 2022.

Bungie is also working on a new loot-focused FPS codenamed Matter which you can learn about here.