Despite Samsung’s Partnership, Barnes & Noble’s CEO Says They Have Very Good Relationship With Microsoft

Microsoft announced partnership with Barnes and Noble back in 2012 and even created a new joint venture company called Nook Media LLC. Since then, the only thing that came of out partnership was Barnes & Noble’s Windows 8 app. Recently it was rumored that B&N has stopped developing apps for Windows platform since Microsoft is developing its own Xbox branded reader with content powered by Barnes & Noble in the backend. Today, B&N announced their plans to partner with Samsung on a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. In an interview to GeekWire, Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby said that they are in a very, very good relationship with Microsoft despite the recent partnership with Samsung. B&N is in contact with Microsoft on an ongoing basis about things that they doing together. Mike also reminded us that Microsoft is a partial owner, about 17 percent, of the Nook Media entity. And their Samsung partnership is a good move for Nook, therefore it’s a good move for Microsoft as an owner of Nook Media.

Did you discuss with Microsoft the idea of doing a tablet with them, prior to going with Samsung?

Huseby: We have a partnership with Microsoft that was signed in April of 2012 and it was closed in October of 2012. … We’ve discussed everything with them that they have an interest in and we have an interest in, as you can imagine. As you know, they have their own hardware, they’ve purchased and closed on Nokia, which is I think a great acquisition for them, and we have a good relationship with them, which is about all I can say. By the way, and this is an important point, this is not an exclusive deal with Samsung.

So what can we expect to see from the Microsoft and Barnes & Noble partnership going forward?

Huseby: We’ve been very clear about what we’re in business to do together. We’re in business to drive content sales over the Win8 platform. That’s what we’re both trying to do. We’re engaged in acquiring content, purchasing it and delivering it not just domestically, but we’re now in 32 countries in 21 different languages across the globe, and we’re going to expand that as the agreement says we will.

Read the full interview from the link below.

Source: Geekwire

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