Desperate Nokia Lumia fans start making their own Lumia 920s

2012-09-13-3123 3d-printed-lumia-920

So far all rumours point to us having to wait at least another 6 weeks to get our very own Nokia Lumia 920 hands.

The handset has raised excitement and anticipation levels so high with prospective owners however that some users have taken to producing their own.

Jay Montano from MyNokiaBlog, who got a shell from Nokia, completed his with playdough, while Janne Pihlajamäki from miniFactory.Fi took a more high-tech approach and made his using a 3D printer.

Of course these handsets are just good for fondling, and I must admit to occasionally doing the same to my NL920 shell, but I am sure they will all soon head to the dustbin when the real thing hit the shelves.

See the playdough construction video after the break.

I made my own Nokia Lumia 920 last night :p lol (Shot on Nokia 808 PureView)