Desktop App Converter Preview Updated For Windows 10 Redstone 2 Builds

Windows Desktop App Converter

Desktop App Converter (Project Centennial) enables developers to bring their existing desktop apps written for .NET 4.6.1 or Win32 to the Universal Windows Platform. Developers can run their desktop installers through the converter in an unattended (silent) mode and obtain an AppX package that can be installed via the Add-AppXPackage PowerShell cmdlet on their development machine.

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first Redstone 2 build for Windows Insiders. Today, they released an updated Desktop App Converter which will work with Windows 10 Redstone 2 build. Find the version number below,

  • Desktop App Converter – 0.1.24
  • Windows 10 Base Images – 10.0.14393.0 (Anniversary Update) and 10.0.14901.0 (latest Insider Preview)

Download it here from Microsoft.