Desire HD ROM Port Now Available

We usually like to keep our Android news apart from each other but since there was much interest in the previous article, we though we should let you know of this. Just released today by Darkstone, you can finally download and use the Desire HD ROM that was unveiled last week. HTC has been cracking down on the leaked ROM and seemingly asking people to take down the links, but they got it a bit too late since Dark had a go at it.

His port seems to work fast on the video and here is a little information he provided:

HTC Desire HD build for HTC HD2 by darkstone (Beta 2):
Easier to list whats NOT working:
– Camera (app closes itself)
– Ebook reader (E-Books do not open)
– Ringtones (Unable to select a ringtone, get a force close error)
– Video playback from SD card is slow, needs rectifying
– LED Notifications are bizzare, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t
// Creates a 1gb data.img (takes a long time to make on first boot, be patient. No, the HD2 has not crashed despite what the screen looks like! Wait 10 minutes or so.)
// Don’t worry about FB console not showing, that’s normal
// This shouldn’t really be considered as a build for daily usage, still experimental
// Copy the Android folder to SD card, run CLRCAD.EXE and haret.exe on your HD2
Git diff patches included, Thanks to gauner1986 for sharing his patch (and also correcting my mistake with PPPD alt)!
Thanks to mattc for support!
Thanks to football for the dump!
Thanks to the usual suspects at #htc-linux and #htc-linux-chat!
Kernel Tree:…x_on_wince_htc (Kernel compiled on 19/09/2010 by darkstone)
Diff patches used in the kernel provided are included in the build, found in the /Android/diff/ folder.

So if this all interests you, head over to Xda to talk and download it at his site.