Designer shows off the canceled Essential PH-2, and PH-3


20, 2020

After a year of manufacturing, Essential Products had stopped making the Essential PH-1 as well as all its future smartphones including Essential PH-2 and Essential PH-3. And now, after a few months later, Kevin Hoffman, a designer who worked with Essential as a lead designer, has shown off what the Essential PH-2 and Essential PH-3 would have looked like.

As you can see in the above image, the Essential PH-2 was a bit different from the first Essential smartphone. The second-generation smartphone would have come with a matte black glass cover and IP68 rating, meaning that the PH-2 was water and dust resistant. Otherwise, the Essential Phone successor had no significant design change over the last generation.

According to 9to5google, it’s Andy Rubin who decided to pull the plug on Essential PH-2 in favor of the¬†Essential Home product line which also never went on for sale.

The Essential PH-3, on the other hand, was apparently meant to be more affordable. The Essential PH-3 would have featured an OLED display with 2.5D front glass and bead-blasted machined aluminum for the entire body of the device.

Taling about the camera, the Essential PH-3 would have featured a square camera bump, like the iPhone 11 series and Google Pixel 4 series. However, like the Essential PH-2, the PH-3 never saw the daylight.

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