Designer envisions gesture-based upgrade to neglected Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Tablet mode in Windows 10 has not seen much development over the years, while other operating systems have increasing adopted gestures to improve navigation and task switching.

This has inspired designer Michael West to create some concept videos showing off what adding some more gestures to Windows 10 Tablet mode would look like.

Specifically, Michael would like a swipe-up gesture to be used in tablet mode. At present this brings up the taskbar, but Michael envisions this bringing up a carousel-style task switcher.

Michael also envisions a second swipe up on the tasks switching screen to bring up the Timeline. Currently this is activated by swiping in from the left.

With Microsoft’s increasing focus on desktop productivity, we have not seen much innovation in tablet mode over the last few years. What do our readers think of these suggestions? Let us know below.