Design Me get new update with new languages and features



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Design Me is the app for designing people’s life. You can easily recognize information by the app like what are you going to do today, when you wake up tomorrow, how is the weather today. You also can check daily quotes enlighten yourself.

Design Me monthly calendars are filtered by the schedule’s importance. So you can easily know what the important schedules are in any month, for example, friend’s birthdays, holidays and important meeting. And this calendar allows to sync with You can edit or delete you schedule and it’s even possible to add categories and attach To-do and Place Note to a schedule.

You can easily keep your moments with Live Note in the app. You can leave pictures, videos, voices, places, ideas and emotions easily to Live Note at any moment.

Design Me is highly recommended who would like to design future and keep moments. update, Design Me supports 12 Languages(English, Korean, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Turkish). And it opens Design Me Languages Support Center for better language experience. You can check it in the app. It supports hourly weather and rain probability forecast now.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.

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