Demon’s Souls PS5 almost had an easy mode created


19, 2020

The PlayStation 5 launch title Demon’s Souls is a faithful recreation of the PS3 original,  but it did almost add something brand-new to the Souls franchise: an easy mode.  

In an interview with The Washington Post, PlayStation’s external development creative director Gavin Moore revealed that there were early plans to have a more entry-level experience for series newcomers early in development.

However, despite talks of an easy mode,  developer Bluepoint decided it wasn’t their place to alter the core gameplay of Demon’s Souls in their remake.

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“This project remakes the work of another development team,” Moore told the outlet. “While we’ve made some changes, our core driving mantra has always been to preserve the spirit and intent of the original creators.

“While we considered and discussed an easy mode, we ultimately decided it wasn’t our place — merely being custodians for this amazing game — to add something that would fundamentally alter its balance.”

However,  despite the lack of an easy mode in the new PS5 Demon’s Souls,  PlayStation has created a layer of accessibility for newcomers trying out the new PS5 launch game.

As shown through the PlayStation 5 UI reveal,  games now have built-in guide videos.  As a difficult,  oftentimes obtuse title,  Bluepoint has created 180 different help videos for those that require assistance in the new Souls remake.

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