Dell Venue Pro extensively fondled in Singapore



DSC07223The handset which many Windows Phone 7 are waiting for is the gorilla-glass clad dell Venue Pro.

Sizzlecore has had an extensive hands-on with the T-Mobile USA version of the handset at a Dell event held in Singapore, and have published 3 videos of the device in action.

The handset will be shipping with T-Mobile software including T-Mobile family room, news room, T-Mobile TV (a rebranded Mobi-TV product) and also with the Telenav software package, which should take care of any GPS navigation needs until Bing gets turn by turn.

The above video is simply a brief overview.  See two more after the break.

My one concern is, despite how good they slid-out keyboard is, the on screen keyboard in fact appears larger and more comfortable to use, which may make the slide-out feature redundant and the extra bulk not worthwhile.

Read more about Sizzlecore’s hands-on impressions, and see a number of pictures comparing it to the iPhone and Nexus One here.

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