Dell No Longer Sells Venue Pro Under AT&T Or T-Mobile Contract



Author Pradeep // in News


Few weeks back we wrote on a post on Dell Venue Pro, how poorly it was executed which lead to lacklustre sales performance etc.. T-Mobile and AT&T are the two networks on which Dell Venue Pro was available in US. Now according to US which sells Dell Venue Pro, its now available only in its unlocked state on just $299. You are longer allowed to buy this device under contract from T-Mobile or AT&T. There were also few reports that Dell Venue Pro will be sold with Windows Phone Mango from September-15th, but that didn’t happen ! ! Only Michael Dell knows about their mobile devices strategy, they tried their hand with Venue Series, Streak series, XCD series, all of them didn’t do well in the market. I think its time for them to rethink their ideas.

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